So close to giantkilling!

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    I just want to point out that in the first game one move 23 for white, the queen was hanging and would have gave you the win before move 24.

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    And the funny thing is after 23 Rxd7 Nxe2 24 Qg5! and black cannot capture the rook because he must react to the mate threat.

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    Yeah I inputted the game from memory, and it looks like I got the move order wrong. Nxc3 was played before Bc5+, when the king was still on g1.

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    Petrosianic wrote:
    pfren wrote:

    That gambit has fallen out of favour due to 6...Nc6 (Moro), although the ancient 6...h6 is also quite playable- Hou Yifan was unable to do something constructive at the Olympiad against a Kazakh player rated some 310 points lower.

    6...Nc6 is NM (idk if FM yet) hellokostya approved i've found out from one of his students otb and Black's development is pretty simple Nd7-b6, Bd7 h6 and Na5 or maybe even Bb4.  it looks very solid.

    6...h6 is strangely popular at lower levels although after qh5 or bxe7 and qg4 or be3 it's a complicated game but i expect white may find something somewhere.

    Ironically 6...h6 is the best way to hold the fort on ICCF in this line with a 50% performance. All the other replies don't even break 40%. 6...Nc6 scores an abysmal 28%.

    Of course these are centaur figures, but it does suggest that Nc6 might possibly be dubious.

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