Spectacular Scotch Game

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    This wasn't played by me. I'm not actually sure who it was played by, but Black was certainly an amazing player. This is my all-time favorite game and I've memorized the moves by heart. 

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    good game Smile

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    Qh5? I've always thought taking the knight was the best continuation, after which Black snaps off the bishop. That looks equal(apart from the missing white pawn). 

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    Why is Qh5 a good move?

    Sorry if I sound stupid, I'm only twelve and have only been playing chess for 5 months. 

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    You're twelve? :o

    I thought you were fourteen (because of your given birth year), but I know that chess.com has put some sort of limit on the quantity of years before 2012 that one can proclaim their birth year to be.

    It was a really incredible game, actually. You'd think it would be one of those Morphy classics. Thanks for sharing; I can only yen to play like that.

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