Spectacular Scotch Game


This wasn't played by me. I'm not actually sure who it was played by, but Black was certainly an amazing player. This is my all-time favorite game and I've memorized the moves by heart. 


good game Smile


It was played in2007 at th Belgian Team championship between Robert Ahn (white) and Tamas Ruck (black). FIDE master, rated around 2300. He is the elder brother of the Hungarian grandmaster Robert Ruck.

Basically 9.a4? drops a pawn. White should play 10.Qh5, although he does not have enough compensation for it.



Qh5? I've always thought taking the knight was the best continuation, after which Black snaps off the bishop. That looks equal(apart from the missing white pawn). 


I fail to see how being a pawn down with the worse development is "equal".

10.Qh5 is surely enough a better move, although hardly sufficient.


Why is Qh5 a good move?

Sorry if I sound stupid, I'm only twelve and have only been playing chess for 5 months. 


You're twelve? :o

I thought you were fourteen (because of your given birth year), but I know that chess.com has put some sort of limit on the quantity of years before 2012 that one can proclaim their birth year to be.

It was a really incredible game, actually. You'd think it would be one of those Morphy classics. Thanks for sharing; I can only yen to play like that.