Take the day off lads, we won't be needing you today!


This was a local league game I played last night. I thought it was worth posting just for the novelty value - I didn't move any of my kingside pieces or pawns in the whole game! KB, KN, KR, f-pawn, g-pawn and h-pawn sat on their sunbeds having a beer whilst the queenside pieces did all the work!


7...Nxe4 is a losing blunder (7...d6), or I'm missing something big?

I think you played somewhat cooperatively from move twelve on. Say I cannot find a forced win for white in the final position. What after 21...Bxa6 22.Nc7+ Kd7 23.Nxa8 (23.Nxa6? c4) Bxf1 24.Kxf1 Kc6 ?

White should be better, but it's not so clear how he should proceed.


pfren: Good point about Nxa6 c4. I missed this and Nxa6 is what I was intending to play. Clearly he missed it as well or he wouldn't have resigned(!)

chris: Spoiltsport Wink


I played the same guy again last night. My record against him this season is now played 2, won 2, total moves 50 Laughing

I've obviously made some mistake in posting it as a puzzle, just click solution if you want to play through it


A guy like your opponent rated at 2000 should not be hanging pieces, after that it is just a mop up operation. These types of games hardly need analysis Cool