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thank you tactics trainer...

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    quit playing blitz for a few days and study tactics extensively(first time in a while)...This is what was the result the next time I played blitz :D

    Definitely not perfect (or even good u might argue)...BUt, I found the nice shot at the end

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    Playing it in reverse would have been nicer!

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    Scottrf wrote:

    Playing it in reverse would have been nicer!

    Nice one erkido, but +1 to Scott for aesthetics! Wink


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    Agree with comments above. Smile

    However, really beautiful one! :)

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    Oh thats what he meant..Ha ha I was tired when I first read the comment.


    But, yeah.  That would have been nice too 

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    Just found a nice one myself, a classic motif on tt Cool (Blitz 5|0)

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    nicely played mcheath

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    Got another one in today, again thanks to tt ... 5 min Blitz:


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