The art of defense.


Hi, post games in which you successfully defended against a strong initiative with relatively accurate moves here. People don't appreciate defense enough nowadays.


I keep seeing all of these posts like "Post Queen Sacs here", etc. So I decided to make my own about a different topic Cool 


People always assume ugly positions are automatically lost; houdini taught me better.


No one has posted a follow up yet.  I just finished a game where the opponent made it tough at the end, so I'll bite.  In this game I was winning, but they created some nice counterplay on the kingside that could have spelt doom if played poorly.


8 b4 ?   should have been met by  8... e4 !   post 6 

Powerlevel_9001 wrote:

That was a defense? Lol, very nice annotations, I love the crazy positions after a blunder or two in the Sicilian: utter chaos.

Lol, this is what happens when you play the najdorf against the average scholastic board one player (the average, of course not Zinski, Schmakel, Kogen, or some of the other few 2100+ players). I called it a defense because Bc5 and other moves were only moves, and I was obviously on the recieving side of the attack. Note I never assumed I was lost as Elubas thought, otherwise I would not have played d5. Black has an obvious advantage due to his extra material, although white has much better tries and houdini shows he can almost gain enough compensation to get equality.


I didn't think anything. I was making a general statement. I wasn't specifically addressing your game.


I would play the najdorf or the dragon but i love the positional lines for white