The "boring" london system :))


While i do not like the "london" system proper, i do like to play its cousin the barry attack 1.d4 2.Nf6 Nc3 e6 3.Bf4 then d5 or g6 does anyone else like this opening?



This game is more of an indicator of how lower rated players don't have a clue what trying to acheive with semi-slav style pawn struture 3...e6 with d5 and c6. Any opening can look good when sit there passively and let opponent do what they like to you.


Nice game! It's a great demonstration of how you can point most of your pieces at your opponent's King and Pawn Storm him!  In 2017, after decades of exclusively playing 1 e4, I decided to try 1 d4 and chose the London System because it's basically the opposite color of my favorite Black Defenses, the Slav and Caro-Kann Defenses with a move-in-hand.

I still have a lot to learn, and I have to learn how to handle players who transpose it into a King's Indian or other game, but the system looks very promising.


This game goes to show that openings themselves do not necessarily lead to defensive/aggressive games. It's the player's style of play that determines the aggressiveness/defensiveness of the game.


not bad. don't like the london system though tongue.png




liked it a lot.happy.pngthumbup.png


 that was one semi-slav player wanting to show his prepared line getting busted badly

always adjust to what your opponent is doing would have been the better choice lol