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The Hurricane

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    8 nxe6 or qh5+

    anyway i figure you aren't being entirely serious, so good game :P

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    This didn't end with "fireworks" because your hurricane put them out!

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    Note the difference between just merely being "Developed" after 1. e4, and having actually "completed your development" in another game where you started by 1...d5. 

    Certainly Queen pawn openings are way more convincing!

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    About black's move 1 - of course, if his diet was richer in protein, he would actually have more force, and would be able to push his pawn all the way to e5. After all, you can get a full two-square jump with no additional charge!

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    It's fun to win quickly!

    In this game your opponent just panicked and threw away, first a bishop, then a queen, then to top it all, a knight. 

    I liked your knight structure - pay attention, that there was no need to play f5 and defend your Ne6, as you could take right away on d5. 

    If the Q would then take your Ne6, then you would go to c7 with your other knight, and fork the king and the QUEEN. This is a tactic you should be familiar with. 

    As played, notice that you just gave the e5 pawn (and square) to your opponent. 

    In this game, this led to nothing serious against you... however in other cases, this kind of an omission can lead to trouble - especially as you, and your opponents, start to get stronger...

    Already in this game, had your opponent played, rather than ...Bf2+, ...Knight to b6 - suddenly everything would be defended! The c7 forking square, the d5 invasion square... even your Ne6 would be under fire suddenly! 

    You could take on f6 (or on c5) and remain up a pawn - but there would still be a long battle ahead, and the result would be anybody's guess. 

    The fault is - advancing a pawn (f4 to f5), without asking yourself which square he no longer protects. The f4 pawn holds e5. When it advances - e5 is left at the mercy of your opponent. 

    Actually, it was exactly the same error from your opponent, which let you have all you had - when he went ...f6, he left the e6 square (and pawn!) without protection. This is where he really got into trouble (having the Nd7 block the bishop's protection didn't help either, of course). 

    Good luck, and keep sharing your brilliant wins!

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    How can you put ?? after e6. That's French Defence, man. Show some respect. It's a very good opening if you know how to play it. Your annotations made me laugh. Nxe6 isn't a GREAT move. Your opponent just gave you a free pawn and then his bishop, queen, knight. I don't see how this is a good game for you if your opponent just handed you piece after piece.

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    Awfully played by white, you deserve your nickname.

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    Who is the perfect idiot in this game? :-) lol

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    solskytz wrote:

    Good luck, and keep sharing your brilliant wins!

    You are too nice for him.

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    <Krestez> Actually I like his carefree, contemptuous attitude to opening theory. For his level, it is exactly the right attitude, I feel, as at his level, opening theory doesn't really matter.

    It's more about attacking and having fun! And the road to improvement is in watching and recognizing these little tactics, which make or break so many games. 

    The similarity between the OP's avatar and that of <Insanitis> is striking - despite the obvious differences in playing strength. Everybody plays awfully when compared with somebody several hundreds (or a thousand) points higher. Don't pay any attention to that :-) just keep doing what you like. 

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    <Insanitis> well I actually kind of like him :-) and I never saw harshness do anybody any good. 

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    hmmm, move 10, i'm wondering what your long term plans were, you never mentioned them again (never needed them seeing as black played so poorly)
    Why not just  Nxd5? your opponent would obviously take the knight Qxe6, then you can do your Nc7+ that you delayed earlier due to 'long term plans'

    Are you using some kind of weird board? I saw one of your other diagrams and it's completely white as well.  I'm sure it's not just my computer, makes it kinda hard to see. 


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