The power of pieces

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    This game was played in turn based chess against someone I actually know in real life. He's a tough customer and beats me generally in tournament games, so I have a lot of respect for him. You should, too! But here I managed a win with the black pieces which I'm very proud of. The computer of course shows I had some better moves to be made... and so did he, but I think it's rather aethetically beautiful, too, as I got to (temporarily) sac my queen before the end, and the final position where he resigned is amazing.

    Edit: I do just want to mention I made a mistake on the commentary for move 26. Ree1. 26. Re3 does not lose a bishop because after Nd5, 27. Rf3, the bishop is defended. However, that's not a very prudent placement of the rook, so Re3 is still bad.

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    Wow. Dude, brilliant Queen sac. That must have taken a lot of courage and calculations. I doubt I would have even considered the potential of that Queen sac.
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    Sorry, but I am so new and do not know who I can ask.  I was offered a draw, but there is not accept button.  Only submit next move or resign.  Does the act of resigning create the acceptance?
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    LDSSDL, thanks man. I did do a lot of checking and rechecking before the queen sac.

    Seeyadude. I don't think this is really the place to ask that. Uh, to answer your question I can't really say, since I've never been offered a draw. O.o. But I'd assume that in place of the offer draw button there would be an accept draw button, or something like that...

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