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The power of the king

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    Hi, here's a recent blitz game where I used the power of my king. I accidentally set it to move 40 so just go back to the very beginning.

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    Great game!

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    The passed c pawn is not deadly, 44... Bb7 looks like a drawish queen endgame.

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    56. Kb7! simply wins

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    jetfighter13 wrote:

    56. Kb7! simply wins


    Haha! Thanks for that. Then I would immediately win using the king itself! But I was low on time.

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    totally understandable, btws I only put the exclam on Ke2 because it was where the conception of the plan came together, plus the other moves were just the naturaul continuation of the plan thats why they dissapeared. I also saw that fairly quickly, like 2 or 3 seconds quick. anyway, glad it made youre day.  great win too.


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