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Welsh championships 2012

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    The 2012 Welsh Championships took place over Easter weekend. It was seven games in four days, tough going but good fun. I got 4/7 which is my best ever score in the Welsh, so I thought I'd post my games here to see what you guys thought. I haven't done annotations because it would take ages Tongue Out

    The link to all the games is here: http://www.welshchessunion.org.uk/national/344-welsh-chess-championships-2012. There was also a very disturbing incident where, during the last round, a car crash occurred outside the building, and a car went crashing down the grass bank. I don't know if anyone was killed or hurt but the whole road was blocked and there were police and ambulances everywhere.

    And congrats to all the winners: Joint champions Tim Kett and IM Richard Jones, runners-up FM Sven Zeidler and Tom Brown, women's champion WFM Suzy Blackburn, and U21 joint champions Ashley Davis and Alex Bullen (my club teammate)

    Round 1: Duffed up by an FM. Class gap was too big.

    Round 2: Take out my frustration on my teammate!

    Round 3: Trapped opponent's queen in the opening

    Round 4: Smashed up again by a much stronger player

    Round 5: Very strange endgame ended in a draw

    Round 6: Insane material imbalance, I was lucky to win

    Round 7: Maybe I missed some chances but it was a draw

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    nice and interesting :) Foot in mouth


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