Who said i am dead?!


What do you say about this totally crzay game? I enjoyed.


On move 10 why didn't you take the knight? And on move 22 you had his hanged bishop.

After move 25 all you really did was trade a bishop for a knight.

White missed a checkmate on move 30! Qc7#, and white totally missed it. You really dodged a bullet there. Rf8 was a terrible move.

Congrats on the win though. I've definitely won a few games thanks to opponent blunders myself. It's always fun.


Mate was 30. Qd7#

on move 10 blacks knight was hanging as well
Rnewms wrote:

Mate was 30. Qd7#

Ah, yeah, you're right. Well, either way, a mate was missed on that move.