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Wijk ann Zee 2009: Nice game

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    This game at the 2009 Wijk ann Zee was highlighted in my local paper today, with commentary by Lubomir Kavalek.  I was fascinated at how an anti-Sicilian line absolutely exploded when

    Navara opened the middle with a piece sac.  He then crippled black's position with one well placed pawn, and ended it with a deflection tactic.  If you are interested in the analysis, go to washingtonpost.com.  As I couldn't see if this game was already posted in the forums, I thought I would offer the game for others to view.   
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    it is very informative! good show

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    Yes great game.I posted it 2 weeks ago,this Navara has so much talent.Hope he can make it to top 20 soon.

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    Smartattack, sorry for the duplicate post.  I looked around but obviously missed it.Surprised

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    It s ok man,no problem!Glad you liked the game as well :)


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