Wonderful Tactical Battle!


This was a pretty cool game that I needed to win to go on to the second round of the tournament.  Of course, the tournament is still going on, and I won my section with 7 points out of 8.

this is the first variation
 in case u think that if white cant just trade off and be fine still

the second varitaion is the best that i can see for white and black


after 35 Ra7 why not ...Ra8?

In malaloman's variation... ...exf3? huh? I don't understand this. Why play exf3?  Qxb4 looks a lot better.


ik thats just the one version i havent gotten the rest of it up yet i got distracted had to go to a match that day and u r rite Qxb4 is best i just didnt have enough time to get the second one in and i didnt wana redo the whole thing over