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Your free lessons by Sebastien Lebel ( SebLeb0210 ) lesson 4 ! :)

  • #101
    SebLeb0210 wrote:
    LoekBergman wrote:
    SebLeb0210 wrote:

    wait a minute. After that comment you like my attitude !? ok then thanks :)

    Haha, your welcome, but I was refering to the attitude of Scottrf. Nice trick to get the thread back in attention.

    The only thing I said about you is that you do not have the expertise level to be a chess teacher and that I will not imply here that you are lying.

    And of course that you are unmodest about your chess skills, because you pretend to be able to teach chess although you - just like me - have not reached the required understanding for teaching chess.

    Yes but if you are the same, why are you saying that I am not good enough. You cant tell if you are the same level right ?

    I say that because I consider myself also not good enough to teach chess. I have read comments on several games. I don't think you understand chess better. I would never say that I would start a minority attack with black for instance when both sides have still eight pawns on the field. A minority attack is an attack with less pawns against a pawn majority. You had an equal number of pawns.

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    Yeah I missed counted the pawns.

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    SebLeb0210 wrote:

    Yeah I missed counted the pawns.

    Was one hiding behind the clock? If you play me OTB, one will find itself placed there.

  • #104

    No, nobody was hiding behid the clock.

  • #105

    How do you miscount pawns if your opponent has not hid one of them?

  • #106

    I counted quickly

  • #107

    Cool    This is better than the comments on the daily puzzle !   LolLolLolLol  

  • #108

    haha yeah ! :)

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    SebLeb0210 wrote:

    I counted quickly

    I think that a tic in your eye caused you to miss a square or two. These tics are a common chess ailment known as Amaurosis scacchistica.

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    ummmmm okay.

  • #111

    I can't even...

  • #112

    cant even what ?


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