1...b6 a free verse poem

The selection was strange. His opponent’s instinct to question, but was it truly dubious? This sequence, this idea as a whole; surely in jest?
Conventional wisdom would call him a fool.
The results would beg to differ.

Ideas became action.
The pace that of steeds.
As quickly as each force began to mobilize, the position complicated faster.
His opponents optimism fading as the tension grew, clearly these were not the ideas of a fool; some silly jab at history.

The air thickened as the silence began to permeate the atmosphere.
A face of remorseless confidence, ever the display from this “fool who laughs at convention”. The enemy, no longer able to avoid confrontation, begins the exchange. As many soldiers there had been in the beginning, the numbers speedily thinned.

Garrisoned within their crumbling fortress, the opposition could no longer halt the advance of his militia.
What was once considered an army of peasants, quickly proved overwhelming for the soundly defeated. All that was left was for the sign of resignation, a handshake admitting defeat.

Some say “it’s dubious at best”, others say “it loses by force”. Yet, here had he, the fool on the flanks, decimated yet another in his path to mastery.

This poem is .... interesting!

But I have a few dumb questions, as per below....

"The air thickened as the silence began to permeate the atmosphere"....How does that happen exactly, I mean physically or biologically? How can air "thicken" unless you are in the middle of a mini-ice age, as in Day After Tomorrow, where the air turns to ice?

And how can "silence" do anything other than....nothing! I am no physicist, but surely silence can't permeate anything. Happy to be proven wrong!

Well I suppose physics are rigid, words however, can be quite malleable. Haven’t you ever inhaled the music of the crickets, or tasted the warmth of the sun? Sensations such as this need not adhere to conventional standards, and that’s the beauty of 1...b6. 😉

Actually I have never "inhaled the music of the crickets", but I have heard them....and I've never "tasted the warmth of the sun", but I have felt it. So I see what you mean, words are a bit rubbery in your neck of the woods. Still, I'd like a scientist to jump in at this point to add a bit of...


....I don't know, science? haha

Lol, fair enough.