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10 Years Ago Today

  • #1

    Today, ten years ago, one of the greatest chess players of all time, Robert James Fischer, passed away. 


  • #2

    sad memories

  • #3

    magnus would want to play him

  • #4

    when people post articles on chess.com why don't they say their opinions on it?

  • #5

    I opine that Fischer was a great man.  His antisemitism never bothered me. Then again, I'm not a Zionist.

  • #6

     If only he had chosen to go to hospital earlier, he could still be alive today. A sad and premature end for such a great player.


  • #7

    He made great decisions at the board - Not so great decisions away from the board.

  • #8
    For some reason he lived for 64 years. The same number of squares on a chessboard.
  • #9
    Maybe he shot himself since he wanted to live that long
  • #10
    OK. That’s just creepy
  • #11
    😭😭😭😭such a good mannnnnnnnnnnnn

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