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1000 signs you're not a very good chess player

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    The second  sometimes happen to me lol

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    112. You didn't read the chess book because it has "too many pages".

    113. You flip a coin to see "which color moves first".

    114. You play an opening because it makes the board look kewl.

    115. When you see GM before a players name, you assume he is a sponsored player.

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    you know playing a move because it looks good, i think there is something in it that isnt so patzer like. i think there in lies a deep chess secret that could lead to real strenght. At least in my crazy opinion.

  • #84

    maybe humans cant calulate like computer but seeing the harmony and visual appearance might make us some time master the game

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    92. You play 21 moves of theory in the sicilian dragon, and then you miss a mate-in-one because you are out of theory.

    93. You go angry home and learn more theory

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    116. When you see an en passant, you just HAVE to do it because it's "cool". Even if it's a blunder. :) 

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    117. You think your nephew beat Houdini

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    118. You feel you are an awsome player beating another player with  fool's mate.

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    bass1035 wrote:

    41.Your friend comes up with these rules

    Hmm yeah.


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