2000 :)

B1ZMARK wrote:

Yeah I know I pay the child support you ungrateful brat 

NOOO don't disown me dad


Fine son 

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MeanFreePath2 wrote:
B1ZMARK wrote:

Don’t improve 1200 points in less than two years kids your choice 

Gets exponentially harder tho.

1250 -> 1500 took approx 20 days.

15 more took me to 1560 peak



20 days is not how to measure chess improvement, if you went from 1250 to 1500 in 20 days it likely means you were already 1500 before and your rating just needed to catch up. It does get exponentially harder though.

Wait guinea it would be helpful if you could outline your journey rating wise before and after biz

My first improvement before wasn't due to B1Z, it was due to another chessplayer - @Michael_Holm

I took (was forced to take) a 2 year break from chess, and came back a few months ago. I was 1600 when I came back, since then I've gone up to 2000.


I want to make the treacherous journey from bullet 1500 to 2000.

Of course blitz is harder and rapid is harder still, but I plan on getting All three one day. Than maybe I'll consider OTB chess : )

But idk if I have the time. I can probably spend a lot of effort on it but I have a lot of other things and I don't want my time to be wasted. After all, I've had a couple of other good showings - American Mathematics Competition perfect scorer in '19.