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2013 Candidates Tournament

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    Reb wrote:
    NimzoRoy wrote:

    @NM Reb Yeah the Candidates Matches were awesome but who's going to pay for them? And the answer is...probably no one. Or else we'll see 6 rd matches that end up being settled by blitz games...after a 3-3 tie - how impressive. And then we get to see a World Championship Match consisting of a lousy 12 games, that might also end up being decided by blitz games. 

    BTW is there a source for Capa's complaint to Stalin? What event was he complaining about? He talked to Uncle Joe in person about this? 

    Capablanca talks to Stalin about Russian cheating  -   Put this in google and you should get several sources . It happened at a tournament in the 30s in Moscow and this incident was even later retold by his widow . 

    It seems some people only count how taking draws loses potential points, but fail to see how a series of easier matches for one challenger, can be a big advantage against someone who has had to play many grueling matches.


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