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2013 WCH Update: Norway sends complaint, Paris ready to bid

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    bigpoison wrote:
    nameno1had wrote:

    It appears you have a hard time understanding the perspective of an American. You seem to think that it is ok for people to push their ways onto others. It isn't, that is why we live the way we do here. Everyone is free to make their own choice, without fear of reprisal from another.


    What good are titles and some money, without honor and freedom ?

    What America do you live in exactly?  The one you've seen in John Wayne movies?  I've been to Ohio plenty of times, you can't fool me.

    Everyone is generally superficial and doesn't completely reveal their true colors during a visit. Besides, where did you visit in Ohio, that can make all of the difference.

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    If they do have a nice air conditioned venue, hotel and Carlsen can get the food he is used to eating so he can better make himself feel at home, other than the travel perhaps and some of the money the participants would have otherwise maybe gotten from an open bidding process, I can live with that. It won't ever change the fact that all of these matches should be in a neutral venue and justifying future mistakes, due to past mistakes is assinine.


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