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42nd Annual Virginia Open Round 2

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    Round 2 of my games in the 42nd Annual Virginia Open. Comments, questions, and criticism are all allowed.


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    maybe you could have played out the ending...

    once queens are exchanged, you have winning chances...

    Peter Snow was the 'victim' of the top upset award in the last Northern Virginia Open.  I think you had a chance to get an upset in this game.

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    nice work so far... underdog in both games by a combined 700 or so points and you drew both games.

    do you know who youre playing next, and do you have a DB of their games?

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    My 3rd round is up now. It was a really fun one.

    No not really tomorrow is the last day and I have two rounds.

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    Could you give me a line where I could win. Over the board it was kind of hard because we had made time control before I exchanged the rooks, but at the end only had 30 minutes left. Too much work and I was hungry haha.

    He was an upset? Thanks for telling me I didn't know, but it kind of makes sense now.


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