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70 free Rybka chess engines

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    CoolAll rybka chess engines up thru 2.2n2p are free to download go to Zarkon Fischer google that name for his free chess program site an under uci engines section go to rybka click on the first link an a friend of Vas  with his ok has posted zip files of all Rybka chess engines up thru 2.2n2p.He even list test ver of the engines for download.I already had 2.2n2p but off this link have added 2.1 an 2.0 an1.2 an 1.1 an plan to add  the win finder Rybka engines.

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    hentener, you have helped me download and install several chess engines and programs. And I am grateful.

    First of all, what is win finder Rybka?

    And secondly, why do you want the lower ranked Rybka engines when you already have the best?


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    well where to start Winfinder is a Rybka chess engine designed to search for a forced win in any given chess position.They can be a bit buggy but are good additions to load into your chess gui s such as ARENA ORE FRITZ OR INFINITY CHESS.Why the lower rated an older chess engine because each chess engine like human players have there own style>try twisted logic its only a2800 ENGINE but has its own very strange for a chess engine style of play.Ryka 1.2 comes in on a single 32bit single  cpu at 2975at 40 moves in 40 min hey thats 15 points stronger than fritz 11 and it plays endgame positions better than any chess engine i know of including 2.3 AN 3.0.OK 2.1 SINGLE BIT SINGLE CPU comes in at 2969 STONG FOR A OLDIE BUT GOODIE an i think  2.0 was aroud 2960 AN 1.1 AT 2950.There is also a lot of test engines of rybka .hey i only have a 32 bit single cpu computer but a lot of the engines are 64 bit multi cpu engines an if you have a newer computer some of these old engines come in over 3000 rating points not bad at all for FREE .Ok gota get ready for suday blitz with my old buds as we are all around age 50 its about all we have time for great fun keeps me in tune well time to load up chess master 11000 an practice against its 3 D board to get ready for the live board non 2 D chess envirement.

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    Given the discussions I am seeing, some people just like collecting and futzing around with engines old and new. It's a hobby!

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    Coolyep you right on its a fun hobby but i use them to practice 3min 4min 5min blitz tonight at mac donalds against my old buddie from the  phillipines who back in thr mid 90s got within about 9 points of being a master i was able to win 2 draw 4 an lost 6 but he a speed chess demon who i have seen give low rated masters fits at 5 min blitz.against the others i was undefeated although only won 3 because of the clock as i had lost positions.they all have there on style all 150 of my chess engines.


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