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9 Days !!

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     I have been playing on Chess.com for like 9 - 10 days, at first I was really surprised : Wow I'm starting at 1200 rating, I must be special or really good. What a joke! C'mon , I went through a heavy losing streak. I went down to 700+- rating till my first win.

     Anyway, right now, I'm getting used to the game and getting a pretty good rate of wins at Blitz 10 minutes. I was wondering if my mind-set is correct : I don't know many tactics ( I just cannot memorize), or openings, I do play by predicting what I don't want my opponent to do, also my end-game sucks.

     The question is, if there's something wrong by playing like that, and how far can I go this way...

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    I wouldn't recommend blitz if you can't memorize well.

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     Thanks for replying, nhm... It's not like I cannot memorize well( yeah I said i couldnt before ), it's more a matter of not finding it usefull?

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    The best thing that I've heard that you could do is to just do a lot of tactics and burn patterns into the back of your eyelids.

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     Yeah... right now, I have 1081, going for 1100, was just seeking some advice on how to improve, or if i'm doing something wrong...

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    Well, you are doing well to think about your opponents threats and how to meet them. But you should also try to think about the threats (checks, captures etc) that you can make, or you will find your position slowly getting worse trying to defend the threats.

    This website should help:


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    Thx Scottrf I think now I have something to focus

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    You do not memorize tactics, just getting aware of mayor concepts: 

    1. pin

    2. fork

    3. discovered attack (check)

    4. trapping

    5. overload

    6. removing guard

    7. ...

    first 3 is a must and stick to insane amount of puzzles, rest are less common and you can stay on 3 dozen of puzzles per day..

    As for opennings, you need a lot of work to deal with it: 


    to make you feel better ;)

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    Well, main line of though was to keep solving puzzles and learning opening...

    List is more "as the game goes", and many would put fork before the pin, but not sure if it is that revelant  since there are almost endless amount of chess teaching material online.

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     Thx for the support guys, it's really apreciated !!

     I can only pin and fork... I'll work on improving the other areas!!

     I dont hang my pins!! Not that much... I guess?

     Ah, thx for trying to cheer me up, but... i'm not really proud about being a brazilliam... culture is kind of sick here...

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    Focus on doing tactic trainer as much as you can (or chesstempo.com tactics).

    Review opening principles and work on your mental process (opponents threats, check captures and threats, etc.).

    Also, if you are interested in seriously improving, you may look for a personal coach to expedite and guide your improvement.



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    Blitz is bad for beginners. Once you get used to playing, you wouldn't want to play standard chess anymore. Hence, you won't progress.

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    Don't play blitz.

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    If the rating is 1800+ standard chess, blitz is no problema.


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