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99% of Chess.com players are cheaters

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    All my post-game analysis, using engine in Chessbase, proves to me that nine of ten games I play on this website are total [removed -- VP]. The last guy I played in 15/10 live chess format achieved a +2.75 advantage in first 15 moves when I was playing standard line. Chess.com you all suck [removed -- VP]. To all the players here, you are all being cheated every time you make a move. Chess.com is nothing more than a haven for rotten scumbag cheaters.

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    This is a problem with chess in general on the internet, not a problem with this website in particular.

    If a person is going to cheat then they usually play at a slower time control like 15+10.

    That gives them enough time to mess around with the engine when playing.

    For this reason most people play 3+0 blitz, it is very difficult, but not impossible, to cheat at this time control.

    This thread will be locked by the mods.

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    That is a very astute analysis. I would say that's fine. If I'm going to be cheated so be it. But people pay money (I've paid money) to be  members and receive the benefits of membership. But it's all just a rotten scam. 3+0 blitz is pure, for sure. But Nimzowitsch and Lipnitsky would be appalled. 

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    I have played a large number of games at the 15/10 time control and I estimate less than 10% of my opponents cheated. I base that opinion on post game analysis of my moves as well as those of my opponents.

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    I dont know too much about chess .. I dont even know whether I am being cheated or not, but I can swear by god that I am not a cheater .. 

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    I am not a cheater, I have never encountered a cheater on this site, and I call for the mods to ban @Buck_Mulligan's account for making this outrageous, defamatory allegation.   

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    Chess.com takes cheating very seriously: see https://www.chess.com/article/view/chess-com-fair-play-and-cheat-detection, https://support.chess.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1444879-fair-play-on-chess-com-what-you-need-to-know and https://www.chess.com/blog/DanielRensch/cheating-on-chesscom.

    Cheaters are banned when they are detected, and various tools used to keep them from returning without permission; however, discussions of cheating in the main forum is not permitted, as it tends to become very heated and result in lots of public accusations, many of which are not only false but also completely unfounded. I am therefore locking this thread.

    To report a suspected cheater to the Support team, please select Report Abuse under the Help menu, or use this link: https://support.chess.com/customer/portal/emails/new. All reports are investigated, even if there is no immediate visible action. You can also join the Cheating Discussion Club to talk about it there: https://www.chess.com/club/cheating-forum


    David, moderator

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