A KG Brevity


Brevities or miniatures only happen when an opponent makes one or two gross mistakesin the opening.  In this game I played my favorite opening, the King's Gambit ; my opponent, who was rated slightly lower than me, really didn't seem to know what to do in this opening. In fact, after my move 8, he used up way to much time trying to figure out what to do (I presume), though by then it was too late . But he made some classical errors, and did nothing much to try to rectify them (for instance, I've had games with some who also played 3....f6, yet put up a terrific fight.)


I love the Kings Gambit too. One of those critical mistakes for Black is pushing that f7 Pawn allowing for the eventual well timed Qh5.

Nice game batgirl


Thanks clms.  I think it shows more of some of the pitfalls for Black rather than any great play on White's part.


I don't see the point of f6 unless he intends to support a g5 push. Your opponent made moves that don't make any sense and got punished for it. Even if he plays g5 it's still probably bad for black because of the weaknesses around his king.

xitvono wrote:

I don't see the point of f6 unless he intends to support a g5 push.

It surprising how many players will move the f pawn. I'm not sure of their thought-process. It generally seems to be a move by a weaker player -though not always- who in turn usually follows up poorly.  The whole point is that brevities are the result of serious error(s).