A Modest Vacation Time Tournament Proposal


A modest proposal: give Tournament Directors the ability to offer limited vacation time usage in their tournaments.  It would be good to have a happy medium between strict, no-vacation tournaments and vacation tournaments where players may take weeks/months to make a move. We need something in between!

Call it the Goldilocks Vacation Time Tournament approach if you like.  But please, just do it!


One way to do this: offer the tournament director the option for players to use X number of days of vacation time per round.  This should be straightforward for the programmers to implement. 



Does anyone have any thoughts about this?


This makes perfect sense to me, and seems like it would be easy to achieve. Great suggestion!

Yeah, seems like a good idea

Absolutely a good idea!  I am still in the first round of the first tournament I entered because sacthequeen has been on vacation for like two months....


This is a fantastic idea!!


I like the idea, however perhaps (for sake of clarity between tournament types) it would be good to standardise this on, say, one week vacation time instead of a different number of days every tournament.


Great idea!  I have to play chess during a real week's vacation away from home, boating, hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, etc. with 11 companions and may not be able to focus well on chess, all because a tournament was set up as no-vacation and that was done because I and most others have the potential to be jerks and take 3 months vacation time under current vacation-allowed rules.  I took a little over a week in 2017 when, during a Caribbean cruise, I usually had no Internet or cell phone service.  Lucky I'm staying in a WiFi-included cabin this year.


Thanks to each of you for the support of the idea. 

Does anyone know if chess.com will respond to this suggestion here in this forum?


They will probably not respond in this forum. You might try  "make a suggestion" under the "Help" tab at the top of this page. Good Luck!

SixMillionDollarMan wrote:

Absolutely a good idea!  I am still in the first round of the first tournament I entered because sacthequeen has been on vacation for like two months....

This tournament just started December 1.  Your opponent still has...

sacthequeen is currently on vacation! 
They have 1½ month of vacation time left, but may be back sooner.

Tournaments can take years to finish.  


Excellent idea.


Naturally I saw the direct-to-chess.com, private suggestion feature, but chose the public forum to see if there was a shared appetite for this feature. But thank you for the suggestion.

I am hopeful that chess.com has someone who monitors these forums and provides some sort of feedback to the community.  If there is a reason they cannot implement this suggestion, or think it is a bad idea, it would be nice to hear an explanation, for instance.


Never really read this.

It was, and is, a good suggestion. 




Thank you @camter for speaking up to say so.  Unfortunately chess.com seems to be letting this fertile idea sit fallow.


That idea would allow me to join such tournaments where I cannot join any "no vacation" tournament because of the few occasions there is a 3-day Festival (actually the Festival is 2 days, but Thursday-Friday or Sunday-Monday). The next such occurrence won't be until this time next year, as it happens (when June 9th-10th  will be Shavuot falling on Sunday and Monday).

However you never know how long a tournament will take to complete.

To speed up tournaments, rather than putting in "no vacation" consider using 2 days per move instead of 3, and also put in a minimum "average move time" to prevent the really slow players who use their full time on every move from joining.

I though, and someone else before me, suggested the possibility of a 3-factor clock, which would allow players to use up to 3 days for a move but not every move. Just have time, increment time and maximum time per move. Could also use delay time rather than increment time.

30 days, 1 day delay time, 3 days maximum per move. .. How that works? If you play a move within 24 hours your clock doesn't move. If you take longer than 24 hours, the excess is subtracted from the first clock (currently at 30 days). If you don't move in 3 days you lose.

Could be applied for live chess too.




Regardless of the length of the vacation time feature, I think anyone who is actually going on a vacation should be required to NOTIFY his/her opponent of that fact.  This way, the opponent will at least know what's going on and won't be left hanging.  All too often, the vacation feature kicks in just because someone is being neglectful, which is discourteous and inconveniencing for the opponent.