A Sport Must Be A Sport !


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Ziryab wrote:

Of course chess is a sporting activity, but it is not a physical sport. It requires stamina, but not agility. 

The definition in the Oxford English Dictionary (online version is behind a paywall and cannot be pasted here) makes that clear. The notion that briefer definitions are definitive for exclusion is absurd. It is an appeal to authority (see logical fallacies) where the cited “authority” is not authoritative.

Obviously chess is not a sport, as all definitions show. The confusion comes over the physical part. All sports are physical. So a non physical sport would be like a married bachelor or a round rectangle. Once we start allowing any definition to any word we like, there is no point in using words anymore, because they don't mean anything. 

There is sportsmanship in chess. And a chess player can be a good sport. And even a long time ago sport used to mean diversion from work, entertain, or amuse. But unfortunately this is 2021, not 1521. Language is fluid, and definitions, can and do change over time. 


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badenwurtca wrote:
badenwurtca wrote:

Perhaps part of the problem here is that we are confusing " Competitions " with " Sports ".  We might say that many " Sports " are " Competitions " however by no means are all " Competitions " considered as " Sports ".  

   ---   And we are still having problems with the meaning of words. 

   ---   Yes people please think of " Competitions " ( like Spelling Bees ).