About chess sets


Hi there, 

Since those of my friends who live nearby aren't really into chess, I tend to play almost exclusively online. However, as I am not a complete caveman, I have been trying to find a nice chess set to have it ready for the rare occasion that a sacrifice to the chess gods passes the border of my realm. I have not been successful so far. But I have noticed something. There are no complete chess sets. 

I have noticed that the artsy sets never come with extra queens, let alone other extra major pieces. Not even for money. The nice sets, you know, with Knights made from wood, that do not look like they escaped a horror movie, have, at least in very rare cases, extra queens, and also almost never anything more. Travel sets never come with anything. 

And here it comes - the obvious question: Why on earth is that? Is there a fetish among chess players to deliver your signature roundhouse kick with a bottle cap as a second queen? What's with the DGT sets, how do you continue to play with something promoted that is not a queen? 

I think for the price that is asked for the better sets there should not be any wish unanswered. And with DGT boards, according to my understanding, you cannot even complete an exotic game. 

Is this really something that bothers only me? What's your take on this?



DGT sets come with extra queens and can be used In USCF tournaments. I suggest you check out the chess books and equipment form for a better look at chess sets and what the community is saying about them.
And I guess normally if you’re going to under promote it’s just not very normal to see a game with 3 knights , bishops or rooks on the board and if it were to happen in tournament play for some reason they would borrow a piece from another set.
I once traded a guy a set of beautiful wooden pieces for a magnificent custom made board he made just for me. It is one of my prized possessions. The reason this was a good trade for both of us is because the guy was such a great wood worker, the board was easy for him to craft. The rub is that there was a piece missing in the piece set I gave him. He was able to custom craft that piece to exact perfection, fairly easily.

Bottom line is that you’ll never get any extra pieces in specialty sets.

You need to buy another set! Then you have everything! Except everything, pawns are useless or can be used as replacement.