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account closed for cheating; but he is playing live chess

  • #1

    One of my opponents has had a sign on his homepage that says: ACCOUNT CLOSED FOR CHEATING since yesterday. Yet this person is playing live chess right now. How is this possible? 

  • #2

    If cheating, how would anyone find out?  Also it would defeat the whole pupose of the game and a person must be very low to do so.

  • #3
    That would be funny. But it's probably one of the zombie logins they've had problems with in the past.
  • #4

    what is a zombie login?

  • #5

    I lost to his engine already once, so I will be 1-1 against an engine

  • #6

    I posted in the other topic you replied in, but it is likely just a stale/phantom session in the database. The player isn't actually playing.


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