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    Not like it was 3 minute blitz or anything...

    I purposely blanked out my opponent's name as to not be accusing people on the forums.

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    But that is exactly what it was, 3 minutes each.

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    Your opponent made some really bad moves.  Considering you made, according to chess.com quick analysis, 1 inaccuracy, 3 mistakes, and 2 blunders, it doesn't look like cheating to me.

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    Looks like a normal game of chess to me nothing suspicious
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    In before the lock...

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    I'm wondering if you are the real Milo

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    14. Nxe8

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    the motion for cheating is rejected, let the prisoner go free.

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    Why Nf2 when there was Qd7 checkmate???

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    EndgameStudy wrote:

    Why Nf2 when there was Qd7 checkmate???

    knight was mvp this game. therefore it deserved to deal the finishing strike.

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    My favorite retort when accused of cheating: "Well, after careful review of your play, I can definitively conclude that you are NOT an engine user!"

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    he blocked me though

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    as is proper.

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    why? do you think i cheated or something? in a 3 minute game?

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    >.> I don't see how you cheated he is just butthurt about loosing.

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    Who accused you? Your opponent? That is just a reaction to losing by a poor sport. 

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    MiloYiannopouIos wrote:

    Not like it was 3 minute blitz or anything...

    I purposely blanked out my opponent's name as to not be accusing people on the forums.


    The game looks perfectly fine. He/she is probably just unhappy about the loss, and there is a chance he/she may have blocked past players who are able to outplay him/her. Just simply ignore him/her and move on with other games.

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    Bad sportsmanship. White had a winning endgame (20. Kf2 instead of 20. Kd3? should do it) and managed to lose, and instead of examining his own mistakes, accuses the opponent of cheating. If it makes you feel better, that's the sort of chess player who will never improve.

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    To discuss the matter of cheating further, or to learn more about cheat detection, please join the Cheating Forum: https://www.chess.com/club/cheating-forum  (you must be a chess.com member for at least 30 days before joining).


    Chess.com takes cheating very seriously: see https://www.chess.com/article/view/chess-com-fair-play-and-cheat-detection,https://support.chess.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1444879-fair-play-on-chess-com-what-you-need-to-know and https://www.chess.com/blog/DanielRensch/cheating-on-chesscom.

    Cheaters are banned when they are detected.  There are various tools that are used to keep them from returning without permission; these tools are familiar to anyone who has run an online forum.

    However, discussions of cheating in the main forum is not permitted, as it tends to become very heated and result in lots of public accusations, many of which are completely unfounded; you might be surprised how many cheating reports we get about low-rated players after a game that was a complete blunderfest. If all these reports were aired in public, it would just cause an ugly flame war. Therefore, I am locking this post.

    To report a suspected cheater to the Support team, please select Report Abuse under the Help menu, or use this link: https://support.chess.com/customer/portal/emails/new. All reports are investigated, even if there is no immediate visible action.

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