Ah-Hah Moments!


I've noticed lately that in games when my opponent makes a move where without having made any calculations I know will be decisively in my favor.  Im only talking close games against logical play and its a once in a game type thing.   Sort of an Ah-Hah moment.  Does this occur with anyone else ?  ie; is this a normal evolution of chess intuition where by you just of know its going to work out in your favor.  Or is this simply a move on my opponents part that more suits my style of play.  Id give examples but im sure if put through and engine or critical analysis by serious chess person's my examples would prove more invalid then had thought


There are moves in games that instantly set off my tactical radar (and also some moves set off my positional radar) pretty instantly.  These are the types of moves that make me raise my eyebrows right away, but I'm not instantly sure why.  Sometimes after digging hard into the position, I will not find a tactic I can exploit right.  Sometimes, I do find something, though.  I think we do develop a little bit of this sense from seeing so many patterns and connecting results to them over time.  The brain is very good at this type of thing.