Alekhine...Please pronounce that name?


Ow Lick Heen



I heard al-e-eck-in

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I once asked a lady I used to work with who was from Moldova and grew up speaking Russian how to pronounce his name.  It was closest to your original post but the ell sound was more an I sound.

I Yake in

Now that’s fascinating, because it’s what my research indicated is basically more-or-less the way the man pronounced his own name (with a silent “L”.). But for some reason, a bunch of so-called experts have come up with tons of alternatives.

Wow a real researcher!  I guess we should all just shut up and trust in your greatness.  

First of all... calm down!  If you actually read carefully what I wrote, you’d see that I’m in agreement with your initial post about the way to pronounce it.  Nevertheless, as your own research has revealed, many others interpreted the pronunciation differently.  This isn’t about right or wrong.  So once again... calm down