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amazing woman defeat nigel short ...

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    Short is +3,-8, =5 against Polgar. Better not to mention the rapid/exhibition record.

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    amazing woman defeat nigel short ...

    "18 years ago" is the end of that sentence.

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    Here is a video of that game:

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    I hadn't seen this game before. Absolutely incredible! Does anyone know of a more amazing turnaround game between world class players.

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    Amazing turn-around, enjoyable to watch... probably instructive to analyze to find the moment it went bad.

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    This video is older than me...

    I feel so young. 

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    15...Nf3!? is an alternative.

    In the game 16....Qxh1 is not the best continuation. As 17. Nxd4 = Better is 16...Nxb3 17. ab, Qxh1 18. Be3, d4 with an edge to black.

    Black could also have improved on move 19, with 19...fxg4!? to maintain an edge.

    Black begins to stray with 21...Qc3?, better is 21...Qh4 =

    White could have made things worse for black with 23. e6!

    After the game continuation 23. Bb2 Nigel could have maintained some chaces with 23...Qe3!? although after the best move 24. Ka2! white is probably winning anyway.


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