Anand vs Carlson

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    What do you predict? Will Anand be able to win against Carlson in next world chess championship.

    From their past games (Anand vs Carlson), Anand has better records. But Carlson has now grown up enough to snatch the world championship.

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    I think Anand will win.

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    I am hoping Carlson does.  The highest ranked player and WC title seem and should go hand in hand.

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    I call him Carlson.

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    I think Borislav Ivanov will win the WC in a shocking plot twist.

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    Yeah. Borislav.

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    Straynge wrote:


    How is it arbitrary?? Something is arbitrary when its based on a personal whim rather than an actual reason. I'd say the simple fact that it'll say "Carlsen" on his birth certificate is enough of an actual reason.

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    Drak0dan wrote:

    How is it arbitrary??

    Personal whim.

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    Actually, it doesn't make any sense to look at a players results while they're still in diapers, a llittle kid, vs a world elite professional world champion. You got to give them a chance to grow up a bit first. Anand hasnt beaten Carlsen in their last 22 games! TWENTY TWO. Its been about 3 years since Anand has won. 3 YEARS. Since Carlsen has became an adult (when he turned 18, still very young though but a good starting point) he is 4 wins, 2 losses, and 18 draws against Anand.

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