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Annotation chess app

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    Hi guys, There are numerous apps out there. Is there one that allows you to annotate PGNS and save them for later use?



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    What's a "pgn?" Do you mean a game recorded in pgn format? I'm pretty sure practically ANY chess playing program or DB will allow you to record and annotate games in pgn format. Try this free one, I used it a lot before upgrading to ChessBase and I give it "two thumbs up"

    I just noticed you refer to "apps" do you really mean apps or programs? What device are you using - a PC, MAC, tablet or what?


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    I don't use an Ipad, so don't know If I can be very helpful here. I'm going to take a (semi-educated?) guess here that most chess apps for iPads, MACs, and apple devices will work with pgn which is a universal chess format (at least under Windows). You might wanna start doing your own research here while waiting for some more replies, and even searching the forums here for similar questions may be helpful. If your Ipad will run chess programs and databases there's plenty of freeware out there you can try





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    I thought the iPad was a feminine hygiene product - the users seem a bit testy.

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    Can Hiarcs annotate games...in other words, can you type notes about selected moves, into the PGN game and save it?

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    I use TChess Pro on my IPad and phone, it seems the only one that allows notation, but only in a limited format. 

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    I use TChess pro too, and I like it.

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    where in tchess pro is this feature located?

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    In TchessPro, when you are looking at a game just click on the moves, when the list pops up look at the bottom left of the screen and you will see "Annotations"

    I hope this helps.

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    ...wish it could save the annotations or allow them to be seen in the pgn as they are written.  I think an app for chessbase with annotations would be noteworthy!

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    The Chessbase UCI's (Fritz, etc.) allow variations and annotations to be added and saved.

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    mldavis617, is that an app for ipad or no?

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    PatzerLad wrote:

    mldavis617, is that an app for ipad or no?

    No, Fritz is a full blown computer UCI that runs under Windows XP and later.

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    This discussion is about chess apps for iPad that do annotations similar to chessbase

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    PatzerLad wrote:

    This discussion is about chess apps for iPad that do annotations similar to chessbase

    Sorry @PatzerLad.  I do not own a tablet or fancy phone, nor do I want one as I am retired and have access to dual monitors on my high powered desktop computer. I misinterpreted the term "app" to mean a computer application capable of handling annotations.  I am no fan of tiny screens and cramped workspaces for playing chess, and I did not realize that people would bother analyzing a chess game without a real keyboard and monitor.  I'm sure I'm about two generations behind you.  The term "app" is being morphed into mobile-speak and no longer means what I understand it to be.  Again, sorry.  I'll crawl back into my cave.

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    +1 for tChess Pro


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