Any Skilled Developers Out There?


I have an idea for a new type of chess training app (something that hasn't been done before and that could be easily monetized), but I have no skill in developing.  Does anybody know iOS and/or Android development really well and who would be willing to work with me on this in exchange for equity?  NDA and non-compete signature required.  happy.png


Depends on the idea and what it all entails but I would be interested 


I'm not available for any development, but if you have any question feel free to contact me.  I've had my calculator in the App Store since 2010 and Chess Score Pad electronic scoresheet for several years.  

I would advise you to design your app product page before you invest in development.  The App Store is VERY competitive and you only have a few seconds to to get people's attention.

Good luck!  


Hi Aizen89, I have sent you a private message, and friend request.  I'm a veteran developer, and recently got into mobile app development, in fact I started writing a chess training app!  It's nearly completed but I just work on it a little at a time, in my spare hours.... If there is any funding you can get it done.... Please respond to the PM


NDA grin

"I know nothing, will you do it for me?"


Isn't that how Bill Gates got started? Arrr matey!! Time to revisit Silicon Valley!!


@Aizen89: So, how did it go? Four years is enough time to either find someone who would spend their time and effort for "equity" on an unproven idea or to learn enough coding to at least make a prototype and some business plan.