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Any Tools for Recreating Specific Chess Positions?

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    I see that Chess.com has a cool tool called Game Editor, but just curious if there's a tool that lets you just recreate a specific positoin without having to go through the entire game in order to get to that position?

    Thanks!  Tongue Out

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    We have the option in live chess for our premium members. You're able to use the analysis board in live chess to set up a specific position, and then play through it.  You can also invite people to the board so that they can see the position as well. 

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    Also note that the gameboards displayed have an FEN string available that you can save.

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    Tongue Out Ok, thanks!  I actually don't have Premium, due to economic reasons, but if I had the money, I"d definitely get it.  I LOVE this site!!!  (Still in school, so no money atm, lol)

    Ooh yeah, I forgot to ask too, did GAme Editor change it's ability to copy/paste an entire game?  Just a few weeks ago, we could use Game Editor to play a game and then copy/paste the whole thing into the forums for discussion and/or illustration of strategy points.  But today, I saw that it's no longer allowable.  The button that used to be there to do this is gone.    Any help on tihs would be greatly appreciated! 

    And thanks again!


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