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anyone can be a super GM

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    you can do it,  the power is in your mind .  The placebo saves the lives of thousands of people every year,   if you feel you can be a SuperGM for a long time, you become obssessed of chess , probably you will become in a super GM too.  Ok , then you can tell me, " but i have not talent f0r this hard task man "  but as i told you, probably right now  you have not the talent but that´s because your brain  believes you have not enough talent for chess, change your brain, change your subconscious beliefs and the talent will emerge on you  .

    You can´t be a super GM just praying  if you don´t study chess ,  all elite players study chess so if you want to be a super GM it´s included in the occupation .   But what i mean, the key here is the talent ! , you need a big talent as Magnus Carlsen,  don´t lose your time committing suicide and reincarnated as a famous chess master,  you can do it for yourself in this life,  increases your talent naturally . 

    I give you an example,  Judith Polgar,  ¿ how the hell did she obtains 2700 rating FIDE being Woman ?   She just was an object of his father's experiment , and Laszlo got his dream with one of their daughters and i don´t believe  Judith Polgar was so talent chess player (just a bit more than her sister)  ,  just a hard worker and a subconscious belief . 

    Nowadays all the elite women in chess would not be top 50 in chess male , ask yourself how is this possible and how Polgar system got destroy the myth of weaker sex  . 

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