Are there still people that joined before 2010 that are still active on here?


Are there still people that joined before 2010 that are still active on here? It would be interesting data to see how many members joined each year, how many are still active, how many were banned each year, with joys of various graphs, charts, infographics.

I joined because I first learned the game around 2008. Just curious if any old timers are still here and kicking. I haven't improved much because life got in the way. Was studying finance, economics, and investing in college. Now I'm working towards data science and machine learning.

I was searching through the forums and looking through the story and changes of I remember the downloads page, the email provided, various memberships, when USCF was selling stuff through advertisements on the website. I'm curious to see who is the oldest member that is still active on the site that isn't a team member or founder? I know Bill Wall closed his account. Batgirl is still here and there.

This was taken from another forum I was reading.

In May 2007

7th: erik and jay join

8th: news and piotr join

9th: geoff joins

10th: igor, Nyte, Andy, Kevin and VANEL join

11th: ACitizenofCambria, Panda_Pirate and Scott join

14th: DeepBlue joins

18th: bilwall joins

This is not an exhaustive list and may well be edited to add people who joined before the 18th included."


There are a few like @ziryab who is still active in the forums.

I've been pretty active since the beginning of 2010 until now... I don't recognize your name at all (and I tend to recognize many old accounts for some reason).


There are a lot of people here from before 2010 and still active..


Oh yeah, you too. I know I'm forgetting some, ziryab is just my easy go-to.


Present Sir


July 17, 2009


I closed my account as billwall and opened up right away as minichess to avoid a few billwall attacks. I have been here almost every day since May 2007 except for 3 months when assigned to military duty in the Middle East. No internet connection was allowed for me at that time. I think I was the first active player here other than the developers.


@llama_I, I think it's great to see old face again, makes it memorable!
@Martin_Stahl, I'm glad the community is too strong, was wondering if my dream to become a GM someday was still worth it, given my slow improvement!
@PLATOLAG !!!! How are your games going?
@Merlin-Pendragon, great see you, are you still playing for Iowa?!
@minichess, thank you so much for your wonderful website and irregular openings book! I have used so many of your pgns over the years! I've been searching for one, but can't seem to find it!


yes, league games-as the mind goes, so does chess. Play as much as you can now.

I was born before that though. And still alive 🤓

Yeah I joined here in 2009. I had at least 12 years of internet chess before that as well on FICS and later ICC