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Are today's GMs better than 100 years ago?

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    World championship match 2014 Carlsen again demonstrate his ability to do one move blunders, can't think of any past world champion matches { Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine, Botvinnik, Smyslov, Petrosian, Spassky, Fischer, ( Karpov?), Kasparov where world champion does a one move blunder.




     I wish Anand did the move 26...Nxe5! and won a second game, this might of decided the match.


     I like said the quality of play has diminish among the top ten players.

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    Ummm, didn't several people already show several blunders people from the past have done in another thread? Like Fischer's blunder v. Najdorf.

    Or what about this game, since you have previously also talked about how Kramnik missed a mate in 2, Chigorin also blundered into checkmate in 2. Just note that this game is riddled with mistakes, unlike the Kramnik vs Deep Fritz. Steinitz made a bad sac on d4 to get his rooks active which should've lost him the game, but Chigorin took the spotlight and made the blunder of the game (century?) and it was during a world championship match no less. 

    They are all human, blunders happen, but it's been proven that people blundered a lot more often back then.

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    Alekhine's 1-move blunder:



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    It's pretty doubtful there has ever been a GM that has never blundered in such a way.

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    GM Nunn comments on past masters negatively and he had his biases; he said if a master blunder it reflects poorly on their strength; we must hold to the same standard too on the modern GMs, they have more tools available than the past masters and we should be more hard on them.

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    yureesystem schreef:
    Pulpofeira wrote:
    yureesystem escribió:

    Alekhine, Capablanca, Rubinstein, Lasker, Tarrasch and Nimzovitch; will do well against Modern. Today top GMs aren't that good and in fact their rating are inflated, Caruana lost in a won game and he was check mated, give Morphy and Anderssen that same position and they would of won it: And Nakamura had a easy won endgame and blow it, give the same position and Morphy, Steinitz, Tarrasch, Chigorin, Alekhnie, Rubinstein, Lasker and would of it very easily.

    Anyone can have a bad day.





    GM Garry Kasparov is ourplaying these overrated so call super GMs, I believe if it was standard time control Garry will be crushing all these duffers. There nothing expressive with Carlsen play or the top ten players; Kasparov bring a element of excitement and daring in his games, something lacking Carlsen and the top ten elite GMs.


    I hope they will play a standard time controle too! This will better shows a true strength of Kasparov. But I think we will have a same kind of results. Aronian will win again or Karjakin.



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    Kasparov has said before that he doesn't have the stamina to compete in standard time controls. 

    I trust Kasparov. He's not known to underestimate himself.

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    Yes, everyone blunders. 

    Even Lasker. The Nakamura-Carlsen game is an embarrassment, but remember that these guys play more games in a year than Lasker played in 10 years. Also, that game that yureesystem showed was a rapid game.

    Here's a tournament game played at classical time controls that Lasker lost:

    But, let's take a look at how our heroes from the modern age can play even ridiculously fast time controls. Here's a game from today:

    And yes, play in the endgame could have been better. But Nepo made only one blunder, and had an average centipawn loss rate of only 39. Aronian played extremely well! He made only one real mistake and had a 21 centipawn error rate. 

    Those computer numbers just hint at how well this game was played though. Take a look at the accuracy both players demonstrated through most of the game. 

    Oh, and this game was a BLITZ game!


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