Are arenas rigged?!


no, but might be because higher rating player underestimate them and lose and "power does not come from looks, but it comes from inside you"


possibly sandbaggers, idk


idk how that happens

It’s not because of sandbaggers it’s because of how made it. You get paired by rating not by rank in the tourney
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before that test tourney, this didn't happen

what test tourney?

they did a cash prize tourney, whcih macthes players according to rating. With separate prizes for each rating group (100 rating points = 1 group)

a 1300 won the tourney and many lower rated players dominated. The other players gave negative feedback but still it's been introduced


Arenas here have always attempted to pair players close in rating together. It has nothing to do with score. The idea is that in an Arena, anyone can win, regardless of rating, since arena points are all that matters.

That would allow sandbagging. there should be a restriction on new accounts playing tournaments, Before I used to play less bullet, so I was underrated by a 100 points, I came in the top 20 in that tournament quite easily. But now I've come to my 'actual' rating it's very hard to come to the top 20. 

I suggest that the pairing be done according to score not rating, then sandbaggers will not get an advantage

There is a restriction for new players which prevent them from joining arenas (also tournaments perhaps). If it was by score, then there would be no use for low rated players to play since they will always lose 

I think number of games AND account age should be considered

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It’s not because of sandbaggers it’s because of how made it. You get paired by rating not by rank in the tourney

YEs, but those who were on a tilt and tilted 300 points have a massive advantage

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also pairings should be made on score (arena points)



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This is the only thing I strongly dislike about People should win a tournament because they are the best, not because they are lucky enough to play shorter games. If you want to always win every tournament no matter if your the worst player in the player pool then you shouldn’t be playing chess. It’s just a cheap participation medal. But actually worse than that. The worst people win. If you want to win a tourney so bad then join a below 1000 tourney. should atleast put in the option to have arena matchmaking by rank.

+1 Exactly