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Ask an aspiring world champion anything (no flames)

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    superman0101 wrote:
    superman0101 wrote:
    superman0101 wrote:
    superman0101 wrote:
    StupidGM wrote:
    SpasskyKhan101 wrote:

    StupidGM wrote: SpasskyKhan101 wrote: StupidGM wrote: Unprovoked insults send a signal to the target that you're ready to fight, since any mouth like that better have some serious muscle to back it up. YouLook out! You're talking to SUPERMAN!These guys are the ones running their mouths.Six against one hiding behind a monitor.  How brave.The mods are the ones who are supposed to stop this, since the site has sponsors. Oy, I was on your side. I was being sarcastic. I guess your 'knowing the enemy's is fueled by paranoia.

    Unprovoked verbal aggression is a signal that physical aggression is right behind it.  At best, it just gives the person motive in the event something happens to the target, and at worst, it causes the target to perceive them as a potential threat and to act accordingly.

    I did NOT start this.  Saying something people don't like is NOT provocation.  Personal attacks, are.


    if you really are so good, accept my game challenge and don't sit there like a wimp who is too afraid to play a game on here, because it would ruin his trolling status

     just in case you skipped over this

    ill just wait here...

    so what are you, a chicken?

    you know, declining challenges just means that all you are is a troll

    rating: 1/10 (tip: if you are going to troll, dont ignore challenges.)

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    yureesystem wrote:
    StupidGM wrote:
    yureesystem wrote:
    SmyslovFan wrote:

    His highest official rating was before 1991. I have the rating supplements, but could not find any where he was +2000. It's possible that I didn't look in the right one though.



    Silents is admission of guilty. Having legit otb rating gives you credibility. So you are just a A-player class{ 1800-1999}, decent but not master strength you claim to be.

    I had a P after my rating, indicating a 2000 peak.  I also had no reason to jack up my rating due to eligibility.  I had given up my u1400, u1600, and u1800 eligibility in 1987.  My own test of my rating during  20-game "new player" stretch (where I went all-out) was 2260.





    You don't play here and if you starting play here it will give you legitimacy; we can look at your games and judge what you say is true, avoiding to play here is suspect.


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    No flames is asking for it

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    StupidGm, what is your opening repitoire?
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    StupidGM wrote:
    WebWorkHorse wrote:

    Any general 1st move advice for queen.  I know it'll be situational, but I always get pieces developed, then seem to move my queen...anywhere....just to connect rooks.  

    I play the Center Game (1 e4 e5 2 d4) to teach myself how to properly develop the Queen early, and to hide my real double king pawn repertoire from my training opponents, for whom I refuse to be a free ECO.


    I like the d4 to make me learn queen-play, then you lost me...im rated 1175 from tired or goofing around , highest ever 1500


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    Will you be playing in the next Candidates Tournament? 

    If so, I might see you there. 

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    Are you distracted from your chess studies by the constant trip-trapping over your bridge?

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    StupidGM escribió:

    This thread is for anyone who has questions for a chessplayer (in this case me) who has actually trained with an eye towards becoming the world champion (whether or not I get there is another matter).


    Excluding flames, off-topic, or hater-type posts, if anyone has a question (chess-related, preferably), feel free.


    Your attempt of being a V2 of 2Q1C has failed miserably. 

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    Gil-Gandel wrote:

    Are you distracted from your chess studies by the constant trip-trapping over your bridge?

    no he is just playing blitz all day long


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    Anyway, anyone playing?


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    Anything at all?

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    How come?

    We are all wondering why. No ambition whatsoever.

    Must be climate change or something.

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    i would like to see some games.

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    Is 2Q1C YOUR HERO.

    You have the first part of your avatar perfectly

    How did you get your 1800 you joined this site in Febuary 2017 and have played no games?

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