Becoming national master in 3 years


You remind me of my former avatar. OP can become NM if he sacrifice time spent with his girlfriend or family. It's easier to get a new girlfriend, wife than obtaining NM title.

My Suggestion: Hire one lovely looking chess coach. Two birds with one stone wink.png


"... the NM title is an honor that only one percent of USCF members attain. ..." - IM John Donaldson (2015)


If you study hard(copious amounts of pornography), keep your energy levels up (cocaine) and maintain a positive attitude (heroin), your can do anything! (At least think you can after that breakfast of champions...).


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And incidentally, it seems like Donaldson is overstating a bit.  Seems to me like it's considerably less than 1 percent.


I would've preferred that too.


May I ask about your current FIDE rating?