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    I have been studying chess quite a bit lately and I feel like I'm slowly but steadily improving. Within the last 4 months of playing mostly online chess I have increased my rating to roughly 1450. I did a lot of endgame material recently studying silmans endgame book

    Lately I have been reading the amateurs mind and reassess your chess

    I have been really trying to get a good grasp on positional concepts as it seems to be the best way to grow into a stronger player. My question is am I going about improving the correct way or are there other things I should be learning before I study these positional ideas. If I am on the right track then what are other good resources to use to learn how to apply these positional ideas?

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    Laskers books on chess are to be recommended!

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    Sounds good shadow. What was your main method of learning then without reading books?

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