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Best place for free tactics training

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    Anybody know where or what to use for tactics training that's free?  I've been using chesstempo.com, but I'm not terribly happy.  A third of the examples I miss are where my move was either just as good as the computer's or quite close to being just as good.  Plus, if you get a problem right, you get an average of like 1 or 2 points (sometimes less and rarely more).  But if you miss one, you'll lose like 5 or 6 points so it seems like you're fighting an unwinnable battle.  You'd think that, adjusted for rating, getting one right would be the same as getting one wrong in terms of the movement in your rating but it's simply not true.  Any thoughts? 

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    I know that much, lol.  

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    Well, you can learn a lot here, or chessable is my option for a lot of these. They have tons of free books with tactics you can choose from. Endings, openings, too. Or hit a library happy.png 

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    Awesome!  Thanks!  


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    i used chess C T android app there are lot of tactics you can learn

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    Why you bother with how many points you lose or win.

       The point of tactic training is not the rating.It's tactics.

    Do the exercises , understand them.

        Aim on finding the move the system wants you to find.There might be a second good move , but it is rarely as strong as the main solution.Plus , the main solution attempts to teach you an important pattern.Don't overestimate your move and don't underestimate the main move.If you indeed can find a move as strong as the main one, means you are creative , good for you.You should be happy for it and not whine because you lost some totally insignificant tactics training rating points.   

     Screw the rating.Aim on being flawless.When you won't miss any , your rating will eventually increase but that should be the least of your concerns.The number exists to encourage you and not to become your main goal in (chess)life.


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    The irony of points is that when you focus on them, you're missing the biggest one.

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    Points rating system on CT actually probably reasonable. There are plenty of people with high ratings all using the same system of point generation so If your rating isn't improving you know you arent ready for more difficult problems. Main idea with site is to improve your chess and rating system determines appropriate puzzles to serve u.

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    chess.com, of course!
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    Check a book out from the library.


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