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Playing rapidly through master games, lots of them, again to the point of saturation where your conscious mind switches itself off and you will be free to absorb all that goodness into your subconscious realm for use later.

Just casually flicking through publications with lots of diagrams in a kind of self induced subliminal messaging.  Even Carslen uses this technique, infact he gets someone to hold up images of the positions and he tells them from what game the position arose. 

Sounds like quackery I know because we feel we should be flagellating ourselves with jaggy nettles in order to improve, reading dry endgame manuals and the like but there seems to be method in the madness.


I saw this approach of playing through pro games recommended a lot in Go.

In Pump Up Your Chess, they describe the woodpecker method of practicing tactics, which Tikkannen used to improve. This amounts to building up to working a large number of problems in one sitting after several periods of repetition.

Its incredibly interesting. I have not heard of the publication nor the author and have only one source that it might actually work and thats just some anecdotal evidence from a National Master Rene Philipps who says that his friend used it with excellent results.

thanks evreyone!!! you guys have helped sooo much!!! with your advice, i can defenitley improve in the sapn of 2-3 years drastically. You guys are awesome!!!!!

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... Pump Up Your Chess ...

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man he punished himself too much, cold showers after a loss, never played through a Fischer game, seriously? The author should be tied to a whippin post and whupped for his blasphemy against the memory of the great Fischer. 

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and a random chances, given that i am 13, and 1700 rating.... do i have chances for maybe top 100, top 10, maybe even world champion when i grow older?



Do not stress too much on your ratings. Keep learning and Keep playing. Ratings and title will come on its own.



ok thasnk!




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