best tips to get better with an 870 rank


I am ranked at 850. What are the best tips to get better?


Opening Principles:

1. Control the center squares – d4-e4-d5-e5

2. Develop your minor pieces toward the center – piece activity is the key

3. Castle

4. Connect your rooks



Pre Move Checklist


1. Make sure all your pieces are safe. 

2. Look for forcing move: Checks, captures, threats. You want to look at ALL forcing moves (even the bad ones) this will force you look at, and see the entire board. 

3. If there are no forcing moves, you then want to remove any of your opponent’s pieces from your side of the board. 

4. If your opponent doesn’t have any of his pieces on your side of the board, then you want to improve the position of your least active piece. 

5. After each move by your opponent, ask yourself: "What is my opponnet trying to do?"


As an inexperienced player, your most pressing problem is to avoid 1-move blunders! It's very hard to improve your game when your opponents suddenly just capture an unprotected piece or hits you with an unexpected and damaging check. This is the first hurdle for every beginning player, but fortunately, there is a fairly simple solution!

When it's your move, before you do anything else, look at the board. If it were your opponent's move, does he have any checks or captures? If he does, are you prepared to handle them? If not, what would you have to do to get ready? Next, look at the board again. Do you have any checks or captures. Look at each one! Can he handle them, or can you simply capture material or deliver a damaging check? If you run this little script on every move, you will quit hanging your pieces or walking into mate, and start taking his hanging pieces or mating him! You're on your way!


Also, what mate2mate said! You can't learn chess playing blitz all the time. There is no time to learn to calculate, to look over the whole board, make a plan. For beginners, blitz is just a blur, a cascade of random blunders where luck determines the outcome. Get better at chess first, then enjoy blitz! 


When I started chess again at 50 (I'm 63 now) after not playing since I was 14 I took a short endgame course (about an hour) from Chessmaster 10 program at the time (any novice endgame course will do) . My rating immediately went up about 100 points like the next day....was the fastest bump I ever got.


play slower paced games in the beggining stages of your developement that will allow you the time to think your moves through and allow you to strategize and set goals. keep note of good moves and bad moves that you made, learn from your mistakes and victories. it took me thousands of games to get me where i am today, hands on experience is youre best bet for improving your game. 


He hasn't listened to the advice. A week full of more blitz games.



Well, no one is required to get better at chess


Knowing your rating, is not nearly enough to know what is required for you to get better. 

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NelsonMoore wrote:

He hasn't listened to the advice. A week full of more blitz games.


Don't you understand lawyerly questions? He asked about the best tips to get better; He didn't say HE wanted to get better. :)


If you want to improve dont play blitz games, simple you think more than usual well then you improve, in blitz this is not going to happen, solve problems and get used to think more than usual, currently I am giving a free lesson for anyone who wants improve and a little guidance, just message me and good luck 


I would say to practise to a point where you no longer leave pieces hanging. That's the first step really. Then spend some time, maybe a few minutes to an hour each day doing tactics puzzles on or chesstempo. You shouldn't focus on openings too much in the beginner stage, but there are plenty of good books and videos out there to help you. I also recommend learning basic endgames like how to checkmate with a queen and king, rook and king, and also learn about opposition and promoting pawns. :)