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Betting on the 2013 Candidates tourny...

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    Borris gelfand will be the winner.. The most surprising one..i bet..

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    Elubas wrote:

    ... [B]ut we'll have a much better idea of it in a Carlsen-Anand match in 2014.

    The next World Championship match is currently scheduled for November, 2013.

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    Kramnik in 2007 - 2008 played a very strong because of his new status as a father. So, he has a good opportunity to win the tournament in honor of his son ;)

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    Last I heard, they were looking at Anand's home town for the world championship venue.  That seems like a helpful advantage...though maybe also a distraction.

    Anand spent all those years challenging Kasparov and never quite succeeded. If Anand fends off Carlsen (who has the highest rating ever)  then I think the victory will be sweet for him on a lot of levels.

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    Moses2792796 wrote:
    Elubas wrote:

    No doubt many match ups would be great, but I'm still most curious to see how Carlsen fares in a world championship match. It may answer a lot of the questions we still have about him. I think Carlsen is so good that his lack of match experience and opening prep won't stop him from pulling through both the candidates and the title match, but we'll have a much better idea of it in a Carlsen-Anand match in 2014.

    I think Carlsen's psychological approach is perfectly suited to match play.  He likes to play long grinding games and doesn't seem to lose concentration or really feel much pressure in tense situations.

    I agree that Carlsen has the disposition.  Once he claims the title, I expect that he'll keep it for a very long time (hopefully he doesn't Fischer out on us).  

    With that said, Anand definitely has LOADS more experience in match play...especially with the World Championship on the line.

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    How do you guys think Garry Kasparov, in his current form, would fare in this Candidates tournament?

    (Let's say we gave him a year of prep to get the cobwebs out)

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    Kasparov left near the height of his abilities. In order to succeed at the very highest level of any established sport, you need to have a a fierce desire to win. Kasparov left because he no longer had that burning desire. If it were only about ability, he would still be one of the top 5 players in the world. Without that desire, he's still great, but better off not playing.

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    Carlsen has spent a larger percentage of his chess career playing in Super-GM events than any person, ever - mainly because the smaller but stronger fields became more popular with organizers about the time he joined the elite.  So the Candidates is not going to overwhelm him with its strength, even though it may be the strongest tournament of all time by Elo categories.

    I agree with Elubas, his lack of match experience won't matter as it might to others.  He simply shows no nerves  at chess.  Remember a couple of years ago at Tata he lost back to back games early, but came back and finished 8/13 (meaning he played the rest of the event at +4 after two losses, no nerves to shatter).

    Anand is nearly impossible to shake up himself, so the match won't be decided in the psychological aspects.

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    I dont doubt the heart of a champion.

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    konhidras wrote:

    I dont doubt the heart of a champion.

    Kasparov did. That's why he retired.

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    Can't see anything on bet365 or sportsbet yet... Maybe bookmakers are scared of the 3-move draw?


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