Blitz 1400-1500??


hi my blitz rating is about 1350 and i have started playing player in the1400-1500 range.However i mostly beat these players and begin to wonder if they farm(keep versing lower rated ppl)


they might have.

if you continue to play 1400-1500 and you continue to win, your rating would logically be over that.

based on glimpsing your blitz games against player on that range[1400,1500]. you seem to win a little less than 50/50 of those games with most of the wins against low 1400s and most of losses against high 1400s.

to see if someone farms, you just look at their opponents average rating when they lose and win and their average rating in general. if the difference from their rating is high on lower sides when they win, and closer to their average when they lose, then that is an indication of farming. this is an imperfect measure if people's rating's go up dramatically due to an incident.

your averages are 

win 1261

lose 1387

and 1210 in general

it seems, you are mostly losing to the high rated players, so there really isnt evidence that you mostly beat them. unless you have perception bias, that is.

again this inference is accurate, provided that you didn't jump up a great number of rating points in a short amount of time.

also, seeing that your average opponent is 1210, do you consider that farming? when your rating is 1350?



dude my rating used to be 900! until i improved 

wu345 wrote:

dude my rating used to be 900! until i improved 

i mentioned, as you improve, your average opponent's rating in all categories will also gradually go up (not as fast as your rating though). win lose total..etc.

regardless, if you are a 1350 facing 1400-1500 and winning most of those games, then you should be 1400-1500 or more. you are not, so your rating is lower than that. unless of course you are claiming that you lose more often against lower rated players than higher rated players, which is rather unlikely.

you had a gradual rating rise between july 2010 to january 2011 where you reached a plateau. you didnt suddenly improve or anything.  if you have in fact improved, you would gradually be rising in rating.(and beating players in the 1400-1500 with a high %)

also, remember that rating just identifies the probability that one person or the other wins based on the difference of their rating points. 100 points difference is about 36/64 percent win loss

even i can beat people much higher rated than me. it is just unlikely.