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books on strategy

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    What are some of the best books on strategy? I know of books on tactics and endgame, but what about strategy? Any manuals that are a good reference?

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    Check out the book "The Amateurs Mind" by Jeremy Silman.  That book is flat out amazing in my opinion.  I used to have a copy, and need to pick another one up.

  • #3

    chernev logical chess is  pretty awesome.

  • #4

    Pachman's Modern Chess Strategy.

  • #5

    I wanted to get pachmans book but i only found it in discriptive notation on amazon. yes i know it should be no problem for a chess player, but sometimes i miss a move or misread, i imagine it could be really confusing using descriptive notation.

  • #6

    Nimzo's book is great.

  • #7

    nimzo my system yesssss also i found karpovs book on closed and semi closed openings informative

  • #8

    Have to check it out....forgot about that one.

  • #9

    chess strategy for club players by herman grooten is very good (not that i've got all the way through it yet!).



    then there is always judgement and planning in chess by max euwe.

  • #10

    Improve Your Positional Chess by Carsten Hansen is good, though he throws around the word "obviously" too many times. 


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